My name is Karen Mizell, but around here I’m know as “Auntie Kay”!

Our top priority at Camp Happy Dog is the safety, well-being, comfort and happiness of our “campers”. Working with dogs as a dog parent, I know what my expectations are when someone else is caring for my “fur-kids”. Over the last twenty years I have taken advantage of dog daycare and boarding facilities for my own guys. Along the way I gained a lot of knowledge about how I wanted to run Camp Happy Dog. 

As a schoolteacher for many years, I have learned many valuable lessons in working with other people’s loved ones. About ten years ago I began attending pet-related conferences and workshops to learn all I could about the care, training and supervision of dogs– your “fur-kids”. That’s when I also began a professional trainer development program at Cold Nose College in Murphy, NC and I really fine-tuned my dream of opening the best doggie daycare and boarding facility in the mountains.

Leaving your dog at the vet, or a commercial kennel, or some other type of boarding facility can be stressful for both you and your dog. You are turning over responsibility for your dog’s health, safety and well-being to someone else– someone you may have just met– and when you drive away you may be asking yourself, “Will my dog be happy? Calm? Stressed? Will he eat?” When your dog comes to stay with us at Camp Happy Dog, you are putting him in the hands of a professional. “Auntie Kay” is a Pat Miller Level 1 dog trainer, having passed a rigorous training regimen at Cold Nose College. She is also a certified Dog*tec dog-walker and pet-sitter. She is trained in pet first aid, and as a certified Pet-Tech First Aid/Canine CPR caregiver, she can respond with expertise and experience to any situation involving the health and safety of your dog.

In addition to her professional development and credentials, Kay is also a trainer-volunteer working with detainees and their foster dogs with the “Rescued Program” at the Colwell Probation Detention Center in Blairsville, GA. She continues to seek out and attend educational workshops, seminars and conferences in all things “dog” with a singular focus on making Camp Happy Dog the safest, happiest and most loving “home-away-from-home” for your dog.